Monday, September 22, 2014

Influenster: Vitality VoxBox

Hello lovelies!

I have another post for you guys today! This review is a quite a bit different from the others that you see on the blog but I think it still could be fun. I signed up with Influenster a few months back and was sent the Vitality VoxBox in August but I was a really bad blogger and kept forgetting to write the review. But here it is now!

Onto the box!

Okay, so this box is filled with some really random things but they're all things that can and will be useful at some point. First up is this Advanced Burn Cream from First Degree. I haven't really gotten the chance to try this because I don't burn myself that often....which is shocking because I'm pretty clumsy. But I put this on my hand just to get a feel for the consistency, it was kind of greasy but that's all I really felt. I'll come back and edit this review if I actually get to use this at some point because I feel like this isn't being really helpful right now....Facebook & Twitter.

Next up are these Bikini Ready Energy Gummies! This is another product that I'll have to come back and edit because I haven't actually tried these yet. I was going to try these before writing this review but the package says that the amount of caffeine in two gummies is equivalent to about a fourth of a cup of coffee. That probably wouldn't have effected me because I normally drink like two to three cups of coffee a day and am barely able to stay awake, but it's late and I want to sleep soooo, this will be updated to. But the packaging seems promising! Facebook & Twitter.

Next we have some Playtex Sport Fresh Balance tampons. I'm not going to go into detail with this one but I will say that I've used this brand before and I like them. If you use tampons, I say go for these because they work really well. Facebook & Twitter.

Next up is Elizabeth Arden's Flawless Future Serum! I've been using this since I got the box which was close to a month ago and there's still quite a bit of it left in the sample. After I shower in the morning, I put a little bit of this on my face before applying my moisturizer. I can't say that I've seen a difference on my face because well, I'm only twenty years old and my skin is very acne prone so I don't think this is really geared towards me, but it didn't break my face out! If you're looking for something to slow the appearance of aging skin, this might be a good product to try. It's a bit pricey at $60 for 1.0 fl oz, but a little goes a long way. Facebook & Twitter.

Onto something that I know I can talk about! This is Pure Leaf Iced Tea's Sweet Tea. I love this brand of tea, it's actually the only kind of iced tea that I'll drink. This flavor isn't my favorite because I found it to be too sweet but I love the raspberry tea so go try that one! Facebook & Twitter.

And lastly, here's a Softlips Cube chapstick! This is the item that has gotten the most use out of from the box which is weird because I really don't like the packaging. The cube is a cute idea and it looks adorable sitting on your desk but this won't fit in my jean pockets and I always feel like I'm going to drop it when using it. The fresh mint scent/taste is nice and this helps soften your lips. I've been keeping this in my backpack and using it quite a bit, I don't know if I'd repurchase it but I'll use it until it's gone or gets lost....because I lose all of my chapsticks....Facebook & Instagram.

I'm aware that this review is kind of odd and out there from my normal nail polish reviews and nail art, but it's fun to try out different things and then get to tell you guys about them! I'm sure someone who reads my blog will find something here that might interest them. I promise that the rest of the week will be filled with plenty of nail art!

Thanks for reading guys!

-Marisa! (:


  1. Looks like a great box! I really want to try that Softlips lip balm.

  2. It was alright! I really like the lip balm!