Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Yellow Snow in August

Hello lovelies!

I really just wanted to name this post Yellow Snow so I went ahead and did it, oh well (; Have a look:

  More after the jump:

I did gradients again! I'm glad, I figured out how to do this technique because I love it. There is a great tutorial over on The Nailasaurus's blog: here. It's really quite simple!

Here's the polishes I used: 

Now, maybe the title makes a little more sense? The white polish I used for the base is literally named Snow. Haha you set yourself up for this one China Glaze or maybe I'm just a wee bit immature at times....(: The studs/rhinestones I used are from ebay, you can find a ton of cheap nail art stuff on there. Here's a link to something that looks similar if anyone is interested: studs/rhinestones.

More pictures:

Now, I swear I've seen these nails somewhere before (I think they were a matted version though) but I can't seem to remember where. I think I saw them before I was even interested in painting my nails (those were dark days....ha!). But if anyone has any idea, could you link me? Thanks!

What do you think of these nails? Would you enjoy a yellow snow manicure? (:

Today's song;
A Rocket To The Moon - Are You Catching My Drift Yet?

- Marisa (: