Friday, November 8, 2013

33 Day Challenge - Day 21: Europe

Hello darlings!

It's my favorite day of the week! And my mom is coming to visit me at school for my birthday! I'm going to keep this short since it's 2am, I have to be up in 4 hours and I haven't done my homework yet D:

Today is day 21 of the 33 Day Challenge! Here are my nails!

Harry Potter nails!!

More after the jump:

Here's what I used:

I had a really hard time coming up with something for this prompt. This might be sort of a cop out but Harry Potter was written by a British author and was first published in the United Kingdom. That's the best I've got haha. This was also an excuse to use my new Lucky 13 Lacquer's that had come in the mail :D I need the rest of this collection.

I kind of wish I had done more for these nails only because I basically grew up with this series and I don't feel like I did it justice. I used to go to every single one of the openings of the movies in the theatre with my grandma while she was alive. She never got to see either of the Deathly Hallows movies but I'm sure she would have loved them. These will definitely be something that I revisit in the future!

That wraps up my Europe post. I hope you enjoyed!

What would you have done for Europe nails? Do you like Harry Potter? Let me know!

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Today's song:
John Williams - Hedwig Theme

Thank you for reading and check out what everyone else did below!

-Marisa! (:


  1. Beautiful Nail art. <3
    I like the Pink polish of Lucky 13!
    I think it looks great on your Nails. x