Thursday, November 7, 2013

New York's Marbled Teal

Hello darlings!

*Insert comment about day of the week* Haha uhm yeah, I don't really have anything to say for an introduction. Maybe yay, my 20th birthday is this Saturday? Honestly, I don't want to turn 20 but there's not really much I can do about it. Feels weird haha.

Anyways, NAILS!

Saran wrap and glequins! Two of my favorite things and fall-ish colors!

More after the jump:

Here's what I used:

I actually did the saran wrap technique differently for this and I like the results way more. This time I painted my base color, I used New York Color's Tudor City Teal, and then put some of the brown onto piece of paper. I then dipped a crumbled piece of saran wrap in it and sponged it on to my nails. I think I first saw this over at Casa de Polish: here! Awesome ladies, definitely check them out!

I ended up wearing these nails to a Design Crawl that a few members and I from one of my school clubs attended. You basically just visit some design studios and gallery spaces to mingle and what not. We got to catch up with a professor that we had for freshmen and sophomore year but moved schools. It was a nice time haha!

What do you think of these? Do you like glequins? Thoughts on the saran wrap method?

Today's song:
Ivory - Coast Of Maine

Thanks for reading!

-Marisa! (: