Sunday, November 3, 2013

Weekly Recap 10/27-11/2

Hello darlings!

Here's this week's Weekly Recap!

Woo! Another whole week of challenge nails! I'm super happy with everything that I did for the 33 Day Challenge this week! I remember when I started this blog, and I was so nervous to even pick up my detailing brush. THE PROGRESS IS REAL!....I'm a little tired as I write this.....whoops (;

The 33 Day Challenge continues on next week and I'm pumped to see what everyone has come up with for the prompts! I don't really have much to say haha. My to-do list for this past weekend was like a mile long, and I have 3 projects due in 2 days. So, school is taking over at the moment but I'll be back with more ranting towards the middle of the week! I know you're excited (:

Upcoming prompts for the 33 Day Challenge:
And today's song:
The Academy Is... - Almost Here
I still miss this band ):

Thanks for reading and enjoy your Sunday!

-Marisa! (: