Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hey, Darling Polish! Takes On Stamping Take 2

Hello lovelies!

This week is almost over! Woo! Next week is going to be a busy week for school and the blog, both 33 Day Challenge posts and Tri-Polish Challenge posts, but I'm excited! I'm getting ahead of myself though, let's talk about these nails haha.


So, my stamping wasn't as successful this time around haha. Uhm, well, yeah. I tried but only got 1 nail to stamp correctly so I freehanded the rest haha!

More after the jump:

Here's what I used:

I recently invested in the new Bundle Monster 2013 Fan Created Collection of stamping plates! This is my first set and there's plenty of great designs! This image is from plate BM-418. This was also my first attempt at stamping a full nail image. I wasn't able to get the image to fully transfer so I kind of dubbed these nails a fail /: I just need more practice!

The base of these nails is another new indie that I've acquired through my massive shopping sprees that I've been partaking in lately (my poor wallet D: ). It's a really awesome yellow with a faint shimmer, that my camera did not really pick up. This was a little brush strokey but smoothed out with topcoat! Love-A-Bull Lacquer can be bought here. Currently she has one collection of 5 polishes on sale for $15 including shipping. This is what I bought, and I suggest checking it out and supporting her!

I'm still undecided as to whether not these nail were a total fail or if they work together, sort of, maybe? Haha I have no idea. What are your thoughts?

Today's song:

The Maine - Into Your Arms

Thanks for reading!

-Marisa! (:


  1. I think these look great -- the stamping looks fine as an accent nail :D I love the bright yellow base, it really pops with the black design on top!

    1. Thank you so much! The base really is a great polish, indies for the win haha!