Friday, December 13, 2013

Indie Fridays!: Live Life Polished - Goodbye Summer + What Happened To Blue?

Hello lovelies!

I have another new feature for the blog today! I've ranted on the blog before about my love for indie nail polish but I've never really shown off any of my collection. So, I figured why not start swatching them for the blog! I've decided that I'm going to break these into 2-3 polishes per post to avoid them being to picture heavy. I'll go through by brand until I show off all my pretties, which uhhh won't happen anytime soon haha.

So to start off my first Indie Friday post, I'm starting with the brand Live Life Polished and I'll be showing Goodbye Summer and What Happened To Blue?

I'll start off with with Goodbye Summer!

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Shown here is one coat of Goodbye Summer over 2 coats of Sally Hansen's Black Out. When layered over black this polish has a gorgeous green color to it and the shimmer is amazing! This polish was prone to some brush strokes but if you apply it carefully you'll be fine and topcoat smoothed out most of the stokes.

To be honest, from the looks of the bottle and when I first put it on my nails, I wasn't a huge fan of this polish. But after having it on my nails for a little bit I fell in love with it! The polish has this fantastic glow to it and the color is beautiful. This was a win for me!

Moving on now to What Happened To Blue?

This polish is a black (maybe purple, it looks a little purpley to me) jelly polish with small holographic glitters in it! I decided to layer it over black because it was so sheer, I don't think it would become opaque.

The glitter in this polish was always flashing different colors, I could easily see myself layering this over other darker colors or using it in a galaxy manicure! This was only 1 coat and you can see that there is a great amount of glitter but you could layer more if you wanted more sparkles. This polish was actually what made me fall in love with my new round nails, dark nails just look awesome on them (:

And here's a blurry picture so you can see the colors that glitter gives off!

I really enjoyed both of these polishes and am really happy to have them in my stash. Both of these polishes are part of Live Life Polished's Fall Fever Collection and sell for $6 / 15mL bottle, which is a fantastic price for these!

Here are some links for Live Life Polished:

Today's song:
Tonight Alive - You Don't Owe Me Anything

I hope you enjoyed reading my first indie "review!" I hope I did okay! (: Thanks for reading!

-Marisa! (: 


  1. I love 'what happened to blue'
    but both polishes look great on your nails ! :)