Wednesday, September 25, 2013

33 Day Challenge - Day 2: Most Used Colour Polish

Hello lovelies!

It's Wednesdays! Today is full of club meetings and probably homework D: Did I mention that I was voted into another officer position of a club on campus? I'm happy I got the position but there's a lot going on this semester.

BUT! Today is day 2 of the 33 Day Challenge and here are my nails!
Nails, Nail Art, Sinful Colors Endless Blue, Blue, Matte

I am so in love this color! I seriously think I need like 2 back-up bottles of this!

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Nails, Nail Art, Sinful Colors Endless Blue, Blue, Matte

So, you might be thinking right now, "Wow, Marisa. Your photographs are actually color balanced correctly for once. You would think someone who used to be a photo minor could have figured that out by now." Maybe, you're thinking that? Or maybe I'm just overly sarcastic at times.

But I digress, this is my new photography setup! It's the same light box that I had before but I taped black paper to the sides so it would stop reflecting so much light and I finally got a daylight bulb! Truthfully, I was swooning after I used it for the first time. Ugh, so nice :D. 

I still have about 10ish more manicures to post that use my old setup (I redid these a few days a ago), so please bare with me through the poor color balancing and remember that there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel! (Does that count as a pun? Bright light = new daylight bulb? No. No? Okay. Meh.)


I chose Sinful Colors Endless Blue for my "Most Used Colour." This has been featured on the blog a bunch of times and will probably show up more later. My only thing is now that I'm half way through the bottle, the polish seriously smells like a skunk /: I always thought that when I was using it, it was a skunk outside but I've realized that it's the polish /: Does anyone else have this problem? I really love this polish but I'm not a fan of how skunks smell.......

Nails, Nail Art, Sinful Colors Endless Blue, Blue, Matte

These nails were pretty easy to do. I painted all my nails with Endless Blue and let it dry. I then placed striping tape on my ring and index fingers and topped it with a coat of New York Color's Matte Me Crazy, along with my pinky finger. I think it makes a fun, subtle skittles manicure and I've always wanted to try the shiny vs matte nails! (:

Nails, Nail Art, Sinful Colors Endless Blue, Blue, Matte

And that wraps up day 2 of the 33 Day Challenge and my essay. Sorry guys /:

What do you think of these nails? Do you like the shiny vs matte look? Let me know!

Today's song:
Paramore - Ignorance

Also, the upcoming prompts:

Check out everyones' nails below and have a great day!

-Marisa (:


  1. Ooo I love shiny vs matte looks :) I never manage to choose the right polishes though Haha. Love the colour too. X

    1. Oh thank you! I'm so glad I finally got around to trying it (:

  2. a perfect match!!!! it gorgeous btw that one of my favorite paramore song :D

    1. Thank you! And you like Paramore?! That's awesome!!(:

  3. Love that look! I have to try it sometime! :-)