Sunday, September 1, 2013

Liebster Award! (2 Posts in 1 Day?! AGAIN?!)

Hello lovelies!

I'm back again with a 2nd post for today! I should probably stop doing this or else some people might start thinking that I'm actually really doing 2 posts on Sundays haha.

But I was nominated for another award, this time by The Nail Snail!! Wow, I'm in shock!

This time is was the Liebster award!

Here are the "rules":

  1. You must link back to the blogger who nominated you. 
  2. Answer the 11 questions given to you by the blogger who nominated you. 
  3. Nominate 11 other bloggers with less than 200 followers.
  4. Go to the blogs you nominated and notify them of your nomination.
  5. Give your nominees 11 questions to answer

Here are my answers!

1. What is your favorite nail polish (sorry, I know it's a super hard question)?
 Oh man, this is tough! Haha! Currently, I would have to say Endless Blue by Sinful Colors!
2. What other hobbies do you have, besides nail polish?
 Does Graphic Design count as a hobby? I designed most/all of the elements of my layout! I like art, listening to music, and tumblr. Sleeping too! (;
3. In your opinion, what is the best mani you've ever done?
 Man, this is hard too! Hmmm, I would probably have to go with my Roses & Rhinestones. The freehanded roses were a big step for me, my first time using a detail brush actually!
4. How did you come up with your blog name?
 Well, originally I wanted to be Hey, Polish! based off of the band Hey Monday but that blogspot was already taken. So I added the word darling because I just really like the word and that's how Hey, Darling Polish! was created.
5. What is your favorite flower?
 Uhmm, carnations? I just really like any flower but those were my grandmother's favorite so I'll go with those!
6. What is the accomplishment you're most proud of?
 Just being in college probably, I feel like I've really worked hard to get myself where I am today and it's nice to know that I'm working towards something great. Neither of my parents finished college so it's big for them that I've made it this far.
7. Who is your favorite composer?
 Uhmmm, John Williams! Only because he did the soundtrack for Jurassic Park! Hehehe
8. What's your favorite board game?
9. What sports do you like to watch/what are your favorite teams?
 Haha uhmmm, I don't watch sports....that whole going to art school thing? Yeah, we don't do sports much. I did play golf for 4 years in high school though! 
10. What would be your idea of a dream vacation?
 Oh man! This is hard too! I would love to go to Australia, I've always been in love with Steve Irwin and I've been dreaming since I was a little kid of visiting his zoo! Or maybe to Alaska because I love cold weather! Ehhhhh! D: Can I do both in 1 trip? (:
11. Do you like country music? And if you do, do you agree that Blake Shelton has a bit of a monopoly over the country radio stations?
 Haha this is actually kind of funny. I respect peoples' musics choices and all, you're going to listen to what you want to listen to so it's cool. But I actually hate country music, whoops. Please don't be mad.(:

Phew, that was a lot!

Honestly, I don't think I'm going to pick out 11 blogs for this only because I think a lot of people have already been nominated for this and I know repetition can get annoying after a while. A lot of the people that I would nominate have just recently been nominated by other people and done their posts, so they shouldn't have to do another one. Also, truthfully and I'm not trying to sound pretentious or snobby, I don't actually follow that many blogs so trying to find blogs with under a certain amount of followers is hard. I do check out all the blogs that I was nominated along with though! If this hurts someones' feelings, I'm sorry. I love you all and you all deserve an award!

Okay, it's 3am and I'm exhausted. Thank you for reading and thank you so much again to The Nail Snail! Check her blog out!!!

-Marisa (:


  1. Haha, I still haven't met anyone that actually likes country music! I'm definitely not mad :)