Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tri-Polish Challenge: Watercolors

Hello lovelies!

Today is Tuesday, in case you weren't aware....I honestly think Tuesdays are worse than Mondays, only because I have class from 8am-3:30pm and it sucks. I've kind of delegated Tuesdays and Fridays after class as nap days, expect for this week since I got officer meetings thrown at me last minutes /: Oh well! 

Anyways, I'm back today with my 3rd manicure for this month's Tri-Polish Challenge!

I had to do watercolor nails! It's one of my favorite nail art techniques!

More after the jump:

I'll link back to my first Tri-Polish Challenge post if anyone is unsure of the rules: here.

Here's a reminder of my colors:

I've never actually tried watercolor nails on anything other than a white base but I like the look over the light lilac. I'm kind of iffy about these only because I think watercolor nails look better when they use more colors (USE ALL THE COLORS :D ) but I actually like how the pink spread on the nail!

I like this challenge because it really makes you think to try and come up with something different, and then you have to hope it works haha.

What do you think of these nails? Do you like watercolor nails? Let me know!

Today's song:

The Summer Set - The Way We Were

Remember to check back Thursday for the final TPC post this month! Have a great day!

-Marisa (: