Friday, September 27, 2013

33 Day Challenge - Day 3: Tape Manicure

Hello lovelies!

It's Friday! I wish I could say that I was excited but it's currently 3am as I type this, and I have to be up in 3 hours for class. I get to sit through 6 and 1/2 hours of class, and then work a 4 hour art sale. I can't even catch up on sleep this weekend because I have stuff going on every day and that doesn't even involve my massive amounts of homework ):

Anyhow, today is day 3 of the 33 Day Challenge! A tape manicure!

I'm just going to be honest. This was a pain in the butt, like seriously. It's not even that complicated but this took me the whole time watching Jurassic Park: The Lost World to do this on both hands! D:

More after the jump:

These nails took so long and then I got bubbling because I was getting to the bottom of my Seche Vite. It's so sad!

Here's what I used:

Regardless of my dislike for striping tape and the bottom of the Seche Vite bottle, I really loved the look of these nails! I like how clean the line work was from the tape and the rhinestones helped pull the whole look together. If I wanted to wear these again, I would probably try free-handing the lines.

Oh, and I'm super late to this but I finally own a bottle of China Glaze's For Audrey! I really do like this color, I wasn't as hyped up as some other people were but I do enjoy it. I was a good purchase (:

And that is the end of the first week of the 33 Day Challenge! Woo! And now things get tougher haha.

Do you enjoy tape manicures? Do you "enjoy" using striping tape? Let me know!

Today's song:
Now, Now - Giants

And upcoming prompts:

Enjoy your weekend!

-Marisa (:


  1. I love this design :') I am recreate it soon :D

  2. i love this kind of design where it makes the black looks so striking and the gem makes it look that extra bit special :)