Sunday, September 1, 2013

Weekly Recap 8/25-8/31

Hello everyone!

I'm back with this week's "Weekly Recap!"


My 2nd week of blogging is complete! Woo!

This past week has been crazy with the start of school and trying to keep the blog up and going. To be completely honest, this semester isn't looking too hopeful. I already have a ton of homework to do, plus work study work, and club stuff to worry about. BUT, I'm dedicated to this blog and will continue to try my hardest to keep it going! (I'm used to not sleeping, unfortunately. So, no big deal haha). 

I think this past week was kind of rough partly because my Monday and Friday posts weren't written ahead of time. I wanted to wear those nails on those certain days so I painted them the night before, photographed, edited, and wrote the posts all at once. But I'm happy with everything that went up this week! I did a bunch of type inspired nails which I'm a total nerd for, so it's cool. Also, THERE IS HOPE FOR MY FREE HAND SKILLS! A couple of months (maybe even weeks) ago, I would never would of dreamed of doing those ampersand nails! Haha! Yay for improvement!

Yay for ranting! But I have more news!!

This upcoming month, I have decided to start participating in the Tri Polish Challenge hosted by Crumpet's Nail Tarts ! Yay! Fun things! Here's the post that started this challenge along with the rules! 

Also, MORE NEWS! Woo!

I've also decided to participate in The Crumpet's new 33 Day Challenge! This challenge will start on September 23rd, there will be posts up Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (my blogging schedule (; ), and will last for 11 weeks! Here's the link to a post about it! 

Here's the prompts for it!

I'm excited for this but also extremely nervous at the same time! I'm mostly just worried about time constraints, I know that I'll be out of state for 2 of these days but I'm hoping to stay on top of it. 

Welp, that was a long post....SORRY! I hope you've enjoyed reading this and stay tuned for more nails this week! (:

And because I'm still on a Fall Out Boy kick:

Fall Out Boy - What A Catch, Donnie

Here's some photos from the concert (click to make bigger). It ended up pouring during it but there's something almost magical about screaming along to some of your favorite songs with hundreds of people in the rain. Or maybe I'm just weird haha

Fall Out Boy, Concert, FOBFall Out Boy, Concert, FOBFall Out Boy, Concert, FOB

The queen of ranting, yours truly
-Marisa (: