Friday, June 27, 2014

Indie Fridays!: I Love Nail Polish - A.C. Slater + Grape Alicious


Look! An Indie FRIDAYS post on a Friday! Yay, for being on top of things! I wrapped up my Love-A-Bull Lacquer collection last week so this week I'm going to be showing you guys my only 2 polishes from I Love Nail Polish! I actually won these in a giveaway from Jen over at The PolishAholic last year and I'm finally getting around to actually swatching them!

*All swatches shown with 1 coat of HK Girl Fast Drying Topcoat.

Let's get to the polish!

This first polish is called A.C. Slater!

A.C. Slater is a charcoal grey, linear holographic polish that was fully opaque in 2 coats. The formula was easy to work with and I was able to apply it without having to do a ton of clean up, which for me is amazing because I'm typically a messy painter....

My lightbox washed out the color of this polish a bit as it is a tad darker in person and the holographic-ness is a bit more evident.  I really like having this polish in my stash and I find that this grey holo is a great alternative to a black base in nail art. 

Here's a bonus shot in direct light to try and show the color a bit better.

Next up is Grape Alicious!

I'm showing you guys 2 coats of Grape Alicious on its own! This dark purple polish also has a linear holographic finish. Once again, this polish had a great formula that was easy to work with!

This is another polish that I love having in my collection. I always say that I'm not super into holo polishes but that always goes out the door when I actually have one on haha. The base color of this polish is gorgeous and the holo gives it some sparkle!

Lightboxes kill holo polishes so here's a photo in direct light to show it off better.

And some macros:

Holographic polishes retail for $10 (full bottle) over at I Love Nail Polish. Both of these are still available for purchase and she has released some new holos for this summer! If you like holographic polishes, I definitely recommend you check this brand out. Here are some links:

And here's a song for today:
Eisley - Watch It Die

Thanks for reading guys and have a lovely weekend!

-Marisa! (:


  1. These are very nice. I like Grape Alicious the most.

  2. I have both (and quite some other ILNP's) and I love them as well!