Monday, October 7, 2013

33 Day Challenge - Day 7: Art With Oldest Untried

Hello lovelies!

It's Monday and I haven't slept in 24 hours! Woo! Note to self: stop leaving all projects to the last minute because midterms suck. Yeah sooooo that happened. Whoops. That's part of the reason this post is coming earlier than normal. Anyways, I'm back today with day 7 of the 33 Day Challenge! Woo!

Here are the nails:

I kept it simple but I really enjoyed these nails! I actually wore these for a few days, and by a few days I mean like 2....that's a long time for me haha

More after the jump:

Here's what I used:

I actually used 2 untried polishes for this manicure. I don't remember when I got these but my best guess would be 2 Christmases ago? My two little cousins always pick out nail polishes for my stocking, and these are 2 of those! Pixel's Supernova is on all of my fingers except for my ring finger which is Pixel's Oh My!! I was actually impressed by these 2 polishes, they had decent formulas which is nice considering they only cost $1!

I think half of the reason that I was so happy with this manicure is because I freehanded the triangles! I know they aren't perfect but to me they look pretty damn good! (excuse my language haha)! I'm loving my detailing brushes lately (found here).

The colors of these are a little bit more "mature" than I normally wear but I could definitely see these being appropriate for an art show or gallery visit! These were kind of a palette cleanser for me, especially after last week's textured nails which drove me nuts haha!

What do you think of these nails? Do you like simple designs? What's your oldest untried?

Here are the upcoming prompts!

And today's song:
Emma Louise - Jungle

ALSO! Please remember that starting tomorrow I am going out of state, I will have access to my laptop but I don't know how much time I will be able to spend tending to the blog. I will reply back to any comments I miss when I am back home. Thanks for understanding!

-Marisa (:


  1. Looks lovely, nice detail :-)

  2. I like the desing and the red glitter is gorgeous! I think they're very edgy nail despite the fact they look like "mature" colours for you!

  3. Haha thank you!! I always wear bright colors or have a wacky color in my hair so this was a bit neutral for me, but I can totally understand your point!