Friday, October 11, 2013

33 Day Challenge - Day 9: Indian

Hello lovelies!

It's Friday! Woo! I haven't been to class since Tuesday but....I can still be excited that it's Friday haha! Today is day 2 of my conference and once again I'm writing this post super late, 1:40am to be exact. Day 1 was amazing, I heard some great talks, met new people, and even met some famous designers that I've studied in class (Hello Michael Bierut!) Anyways, today is day 9 of the 33 Day Challenge!

On to the nails!

Today's theme was Indian nails so I choose to go with a Native American idea!

More after the jump:

Here's what I used:

I had a hard time with this prompt and tried not to go too overly stereotypical so I tried sticking with patterns. The middle finger and all the colors are actually inspired by the first image here. I felt like it was kind of hard to understand what they were though so I added the dreamcatcher.

I was actually really happy with these nails, I think they were the first time I was actually super proud of myself. So that's a win in my book!

What do you think of these nails? Do they seem Native American to you? Let me know!

Upcoming Prompts:

Today's song:
All Time Low - For Baltimore

Thanks again for keeping up with my random posting times and short posts! Everything will be back to normal on Monday!

-Marisa! (:


  1. i like the dream catcher nails, the love&beauty nude colour is amazing!


    1. Thank you! And yeah! It's my favorite base for nail art!!