Saturday, May 31, 2014

Hey, Darling Polish 2.0!

Hey guys!

I just have a quick post today. Things look really different over here at Hey, Darling Polish! today. I said that I was going to work on a redesign throughout the month but I got so into working on it last night that I finished most of it!

There's still somethings that are going to be added in the upcoming weeks and things will change but a majority of it is done. I even went and re-designed/re-wrote my about me, challenge, and disclosure page. And the buttons that you see at the end of my posts make it so that it's easier to share a page on different social media outlets. I'm excited for those!

But what I really want to hear is your feedback! Leave me a comment below with what you think as this will always be a work in progress. Thanks guys!!

-Marisa! (: