Sunday, January 19, 2014

Weekly Recap 1/12-1/18

Hello darlings!

Here's another weekly recap!

I think it was another super fun week on the blog this week and that makes me super excited!! :D I'm really loving how colorful everything was this week, even the indies I featured fit in! And I'm hoping you guys enjoyed everything on the blog! A lot of you guys commented on the posts which makes me super happy since I love talking with you all! So please keep commenting! Gah! I'm just rambling at this point.....uhm yeah oops.

I also kind of quietly let Hey, Darling Polish's 6 month old mark slip by. So, yay! Happy 6 months! Things are getting serious now (; Anyways, what's coming up this week! Well, I'm back in Albany (I haven't unpacked yet, but ehhh)! And classes start up again on Tuesday, which means less time for the blog but I'm still going to keep on with my posting schedule! I think we can all expect another fun week on the blog though! 

Here are some of the challenges that I'm taking part in!

Today's song:
The Lonely Forest - Warm/Happy

Thanks for reading guys and I'll be back later with a nail art post!

-Marisa! (: